Visual Analytics Manager

The Technical Problem

To develop and integrate automated algorithms with visual analytic tool for processing information in cyber physical systems.

The VCS Solution

The VAM project is a visualization and analytics platform specifically designed to display data coming from cyber physical systems. This solution was written in the Scala language, and designed to be scalable as larger use cases manifest themselves. As Internet of Things (IoT) devices continue to be more readily available, and the sensors become cheaper and higher quality over time, the need to aggregate data coming from these sensors, analyze it automatically with machine learning, and then inform human operators with intelligent visualizations becomes increasingly valuable.

The proof of concept that we built initially for VAM was focused on combat casualty care, and visualizing data coming from wearable sensors. By providing medics with real-time visualizations on sensor data from wearable sensors, we hypothisized that field medics and field hospitals could significantly increase quality of care.

The Visual Analytics Manager (VAM) Toolkit to automatically create tools (VAMs) that enable management of cyber-physical systems. The created VAMs include a publication-subscription architecture, processors to analyze and store the data, and views to visualization data and analysis results. The toolkit includes a model builder to allow designers define the CPS elements and tools to define the analysis to be performed and the views to be generated in the VAM produced by the toolkit.

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