The software development branch has grown primarily out of doing advanced research and development for the Department of Defense. We are always looking for new and interesting problems to solve, and fortunately the DoD has been an excellent source for finding them! Each year they release hundreds of new problems that nobody knows how to solve, and then hire small companies like VCS to solve them. All of the programs listed below have started with a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) topic, and are continuing to be developed for a variety of DoD customers.


The Visual Analytics Manager is a tool that aggregates data coming from sensors on cyber physical systems. Once received, it allows users to analyze the data based on trained machine learning algorithms and tools for related data, and intelligent visualizations that can be picked from a library of existing visualization sets, or views.


Tactical Commanders are constantly under presser to determine the best weapon system to employ for the desired outcome. A tool is required to enable a user to do a comparative analysis between cyber capabilities and traditional kinetic fires during mission planning.


The Toolkit for Assessing Recovery Time After an Electromagnetic Disruption (TAEMDR) is a toolkit used by test engineers to determine the recovery time on a given asset after it has been hit by an electromagnetic pulse. It is comprised of the model builder, test set builder, and simulation manager tools.


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