Providing innovative solutions for the security of a connected world.


We develop tools focused on measuring effectiveness of offensive and defensive operations on cyber physical systems.


We have 20 years of experience providing consulting and testing services including gap analysis, penetration testing, and IV&V.


VCS employees have been providing testing solutions to the defense community for over 25 years. Our technical work is focused around three main areas: providing innovative software solutions, performing offensive cyber testing on cyber-physical systems, and consulting for the DoD testing and evaluation community.

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Software Development

Our team of software experts specialize in developing custom software solutions that are scalable and provably correct. Our software products focus on testing tools for cyber and electronic warfare for the USAF and USN.

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Industrial Control Systems Testing

The VCS Testing As A Service (TAAS) team focuses on vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for industrial control systems. We support both government and commercial clients in providing greater insight into their cyber vulnerabilities, and creating more secure solutions.

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Subject Matter Consulting

The VCS team builds upon over 30 years of experience in testing and cyber consulting for the DoD. This branch of the company focuses on technical consulting to senior decision makers within the DoD at agencies such as DARPA, TRMC, and USAF 46th Test Squadron.


Vigilant is fiercely committed to our culture and employees. We believe each person’s career should be an expression of who they are, and they should find purpose and meaning in how they choose to spend their time. To this end we are constantly searching for new and interesting problems to solve, and interesting people to help solve them. We strive to maximize flexibility and creative control so each employee can be empowered to solve problems in their own way, while also contributing to a culture that values team building and collaboration.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Senior Testing Engineer
Junior Computer Scientist
Mid-Level Computer Scientist
Offensive Cyber Intern
Senior Software Developer

Mount Airy, NC

Winston-Salem, NC

Houston, TX

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