Cyber Battle Damage Assessment Tool
The Cyber Battle Damage Assessment Tool (CyBDAT) is intended to provide mission planners with a direct comparison of cyber-attacks to kinetic attacks. CyBDAT is designed to produce probability estimates associated with the cyber-attack on complex cyber-physical systems (CPS) in a manner analogous to how these estimates are produced in kinetic weaponeering tools. CyBDAT’s approach is to quantify the probabilities of success associated with Computer Network Attack (CNA), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), and Electronic Attack (EA) on a given target.


To produce these probability estimates, an automated range is constructed that can deploy a virtualized CPS to conduct cyber-attacks on. Through the automated and iterative process of executing many cyber-attacks on the virtualized CPS, probabilities of success can be estimated for the various attack chains.


CyBDAT also employs a Course of Action (COA) Comparison Tool that is able to ingest the quantified cyber-attack probabilities and compare the various cyber-attacks. This comparison provides insight regarding the cyber-attack with the greatest probability of success for a given target and quantifies that probability of success in a way that enables a direct and easily discernable comparison to kinetic weaponeering probabilities.