Industrial Hygienist Assessment Tool
The Industrial Hygienist Assessment Tool (IHAT) enables the automatic association of environmental conditions and human activities with chemical and physical exposures detected by body worn sensors and area monitors.


IHAT consists of a mobile device application with a graphical user interface (GUI), wireless communication module, machine learning activity recognition analyzer, hazard association analyzer, and a server hosting a web application. User initialization data and data from wearable sensors are used by the activity recognition analyzer to identify activities being performed by the user. Context-sensitive data logs containing sensor data and potential hazards are communicated to the server for storage, where they can be accessed for further analysis via the web application. The server employs more advanced hazard detection analysis to include information from all IHAT clients in the workplace and ambient sensors, and optionally allows input from human analysts to determine the presence and severity of a hazard. Identified hazards are sent to IHAT client devices carried by workers, and warnings and safety recommendations are provided with an urgency that corresponds to the hazard’s degree of potential harm.


IHAT provides the ability to detect occupational activities, assess potential workplace hazards, and provide an interface for workers to input personnel data and manage sensors and for industrial hygienists to view and interact with data for all workers and manage the system as a whole.