Quality Cost Value Calculator
The Quality Cost Value Calculator (QCVC) was designed as a tool to analyze the quality and cost of medical care and determine the value achieved for a cycle of care. The QCVC tool takes in raw data from medical professionals, patients, employers, insurance companies, and other entities and generates a single value metric that indicates the value achieved when all data related to the cycle of care is considered. The purpose of the QCVC is to assist leadership in creating more value for people interacting with medical facilities.


The proposed function of the QCVC is to use metrics based on the quality of care received by patients from multiple perspectives and covering multiple aspects of care and contrast it with the costs accrued directly and indirectly during the cycle of care. The value calculation will return a single value metric related to the quality cost relationship and indicate whether a cycle was of higher or lower overall value. The final, single value metric provided by QCVC, is calculated using Machine Learning (ML) processes. The ML analytics implements a value calculation that considers six quality and cost measurement metrics: medical evidence-based quality metric, patient satisfaction quality metric, same day access quality metric, return to function quality metric, total cost measurement, and return to function cost metric.


Creating a value metric with which to compare medical care will give valuable insight into what processes and procedures are most helpful and effective and may work as a starting point for implementing change and improvement across care providers for any given injury.