Warfighter Health Dashboard

The Warfighter Health Dashboard (WHD) is an android application designed to enable warfighters to assess their own health status, to enable medics to assess individual and unit health status, and to enable leadership to study the macro effects and movements of infections to include COVID-19.

WHD is designed to be intuitive to use, allowing warriors and medical practitioners to rapidly and accurately assess a warrior’s health status.

WHD is designed to be used in four modes. In the Stand-alone Warrior Mode, the WHD device (either a tablet or smart phone) interfaces with the warrior’s wearable sensors and interacts with the warrior via audio and visual signals to enable the warrior to assess his own health. In the Stand-alone Medic Mode, the Medic’s device connects to the warriors’ device (or sensors directly) and shows the warrior’s health state. In the Client-Server Warrior mode, the warrior’s WHD connects to a server which can direct more complicated diagnostic protocols and leverage a larger knowledge base and greater computational capabilities. In the Client-Server Remote mode, the warrior’s WHD connects to a server which can allow medical personnel who are not located with the warrior to diagnose conditions. In addition, this mode can be used by command leadership personnel to make assessments of the fitness for duty of individual warriors and units, geographical spread of disease, and view heat maps for rate of infections.  Finally, this mode will allow scientists to study the data collected by the warrior’s device with cloud stored data that has accompanying metadata attached.